The organization must go through a number of steps to be able to achieve the Safety Awareness Certificate.

1. Information


2. Self assessment


3. Assessment by LCA


4. Certification


5. Recertification



Information: The company that wishes to undergo assessment will familiarise itself with all current and formal information regarding the application of the Safety Culture Ladder. This is available in the up-to-date manual and other documents.

Selfassessment: Based on current information, the company then performs a self-assessment using the certification scheme of the Safety Culture Ladder. Using the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), you can test and analyse the safety culture in your company and analyse how the safety of your employees is embedded in the organization.

Assessment by expert: A Ladder Certification Authority (LCA) tests and verifies the report submitted by the company by means of various interviews and observations in the company and during on-site work visits.

Certification: The LCA establishes the achieved safety step and, if the minimum requirements are met, issues the corresponding Safety Awareness Certificate.

Recertification: From 10 to no more than 12 months after certification, recertification is required in order to continue the validity of the original certificate.