1. What is the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL)?
    The SCL consists of 5 levels, called steps, ranging from 1 to 5. A definition is provided per step of what a company must comply with (the requirement), what the accompanying criteria are (the standard), how these criteria are valued (the scores) and what the independent auditors should pay attention to (the auditor guideline). The position of a company on the Safety Culture Ladder is determined by the highest step at which the company still meets the requirements.
  2. How does the Safety Culture Ladder work?
    The SCL is a practical implementation of the ambition to creating clear and accessible instruments for increasing safety awareness as quality aspect within an organisation. It may, however, also take the form of a minimum requirement or award criterion in tendering procedures. The basic principle is that efforts made to raise safety awareness to a higher step are rewarded.
  3. For whom is the Safety Culture Ladder intended?
    The SCL has been developed to make it applicable to all kinds of companies. No distinction is made between clients, contractors or suppliers. Additionally, the Safety Culture Ladder leaves room for ‘customisation’ per industry by interpreting requirements and criteria in a manner appropriate to the specific sector or type of company. Thanks to the generic nature of the Safety Culture Ladder, all types of companies can recognise themselves in the description of requirements, criteria and guidelines.Certification scheme and manual
  4. What is the relation between the Certification Scheme and the Safety Culture Ladder Manual?
    The Certification Scheme provides the framework for certification on the safety culture ladder. It includes all the required formal information on the certification process (requirements, criteria, auditor guidelines, scores). General information about the Safety Culture Ladder is included in a separate Manual. Both the Certification Scheme and the Manual have been published on the website.
  5. What is the latest version of the Certification Scheme?
    The latest version of the Certification Scheme is version 4.0. There are no technical changes compared to version 3.0. From 1 July 2016, companies can be certified according to the Certification Scheme, version 4.0.
  6. What is the latest version of the Safety Culture Ladder Manual?
    The latest version of the Manual is version 3.1. There are no technical changes compared to version 2.0.Certification process
  7. How do I get certified according to the Safety Culture Ladder?
    The process of being granted a Safety Awareness Certificate is described in the roadmap.
  8. I am a Tennet supplier, how do I get certified according to the Safety Culture Ladder?
    TenneT suppliers have received an invitation in order to get certified according to the Safety Culture Ladder. More information about the TenneT pilot is available on our website.(Ladder) Certification Authorities
  9. What is the role of a Ladder Certification Authority (LCA)?
    A Ladder Certification Authority (LCA) is a Certification Authority that has been recognised by NEN to perform, as an independent third party, a ladder audit and consequently issue a Safety Awareness Certificate.
  10. Which parties are authorised to certify a company?
    Only LCAs (Ladder Certification Authorities) who have concluded a licence agreement with NEN are allowed to perform safety culture ladder audits. The LCAs registered as competent by NEN to perform the Safety Culture Ladder certification are listed on our website.
  11. What are the criteria for a Certification Authority to perform safety culture ladder audits?
    For information about the criteria to become registered as a competent LCA by NEN, see Manual version 3.1, Chapter 5.1.Validity of Certificate
  12. What is the validity of a certificate?
    A ‘Safety Awareness Certificate’ issued by a Ladder Certification Authority (LCA) has a one-year validity. After one year, recertification is required in order to continue the validity of the original certificate.
  13. Is the certificate still valid in the event of a company being taken over?
    In this situation, we advise you to verify the certificate’s validity with the Ladder Certification Authority (LCA).SAQ Self Assessment Questionnaire and Training Programmes
  14. When is the online SAQ tool (webtool) available?
    With the Safety Culture Ladder, NEN has developed an online SAQ tool (Self Assessment Questionnaire) which is from now on available. Companies can easily use this webtool to formulate a self-declaration. Using a number of questions, companies can test and analyse the safety culture in their company and analyse how the safety of the employees is embedded in the organization. You can try the SAQ tool for 30 days at no charge.
  15. Is a training programme available for auditors working with the Safety Culture Ladder?
    In cooperation with AdviSafe, NEN organizes specific training programmes for auditors working with the Safety Culture Ladder, in order to be sure that auditors are adequately equipped to fulfill their role. Check the agenda on our website for dates and programmes.
  16. Is a training programme available for certified companies or companies intending to become certified?
    For certified companies and companies intending to become certified training programmes are now being developed.  Check the agenda on our website for dates and programmes.Relationship with other standards
  17. What is the relationship with OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 – Safety Management Systems?
    The Safety Culture Ladder is not a (new) standard for assessing an H&S (Health & Safety) management system, but instead a standard for objectively measuring the health & safety attitude and behaviour in companies. As aresult, the Safety Culture Ladder operates supplementary to ‘system standards’ such as ISO, OHSAS and VCA/VCU/VCO, as well as current rules, regulations and sector guidelines.News and latest developments
  18. How can I be able to keep up with the latest developments of the Safety Culture Ladder?
    News items will be published regularly on our website. These items will also be published on our SCL Twitter account. You can also become a member of our LinkedIN SCL group or subscribe to the NEN Work and Safety Newsletter. Questions
  19. Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?
    For more information or additional questions regarding the Safety Culture Ladder, you can contact us by e-mail: info@safetycultureladder.com



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